Friday, January 13, 2012

Survey time!

Okay - I saw this on Happy Vegan Face's blog, and I thought it would fun to do! So, here goes....

1. What's your favorite gluten-free flour?
Amaranth flour - it makes yummy pancakes, and even more importantly - GRAVY!

2. What have you always wanted to deglutenize, but haven't yet?
Potato Knish

3. What's one of your favorite xgfx meals to make?
Pizza. People think pizza has to be unhealthy to be delicious, but that is just not true!

4. Your biggest gluten-free success that makes ya most proud?
Gravy! What can I say? I'm Southern.

5. Most "epic xgfx fail"?
Biscuits. Sadly, they were little rocks. I haven't given up yet though.

6. What product do you wish was xgfx that isn't?
Tofurkey products

7. If you could pass along one gluten-free tip to a gluten-free newbie, what would it be?
Don't think about having to replace every gluten product with a similar non-gluten product. Think of it as an adventure in a whole new way of eating - one that is healthy and will make you feel fabulous!

8. What's your favorite xgfx product?
Crunchmaster crackers

9. Is there anything you miss being gluten-free?
Sometimes I just want bread.

10. Any xgfx techniques you've learned that have been most helpful?
Don't rely on processed gf foods. Look at different ethnic foods for finding interesting gf food.

11. Have you found a favorite gluten-free pizza dough recipe that makes your heart sing?
I have some I like, but I don't think I'd say makes my heart sing! :)

12. Xanthan gum. Do you or don't you? Love it or leave it?
I really have no opinion on this one.

13. Favorite gluten free prepackaged bread.

14. What's your favorite way to nosh on quinoa?
I made a curried lentil stew with quinoa recently that was fabulous.

15. Name five of your most coveted pantry staples.
Nutritional yeast, jarred pimientos, Crunchmaster crackers, raw agave nectar, organic salsa, dried beans

16. If you could only buy three gluten free flours to last you for three months, what would they be?
amaranth flour, garbanzo flour, potato flour

17. Any xgfx ingredients you are intimidated about trying?
Nothing intimidates me in the kitchen!

18. Favorite place to buy foods?
Costco - I have a family of 7, and I can buy so many bulk organic items there.

19. Favorite meal when dining out?
That's a hard one - I'd have to go with anything Thai.

20. Freebee - insert your own question and have fun with it!
What would you say to someone who says, "You're vegan AND you don't eat gluten? What do you eat?"
LOL - I think I could talk their ears off for hours answering that one. I eat things on a daily basis that many people have never heard of.

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