Monday, June 16, 2008

WaterCourse Foods

For father's day, we went downtown to our favorite restaurant - WaterCourse Foods. We've been going to WaterCourse Foods for ten years, since right after it opened. When we first started going, you could walk in on a Saturday morning and sit right down. It got to where you could wait an hour to get a seat on a Saturday morning. Recently, they moved to a larger place a couple of miles away. We went to their new place for the first time Sunday morning.

The atmosphere of the new place was a little more trendy and a little less hippie. It was nice. I sort of prefer the old place, but at least this place was bigger, and we only had to wait 30 minutes for a table.

It was the first time that I'd been to WaterCourse Foods since going completely gluten free, so I was hoping they'd have a good gf selection. While we were waiting for a table, we bought one of their gluten free muffins, and it was really good.

I was pleased to see that they had a few gluten free items on the menu. I hope they'll add some more options. Their other restaurant, City O' City, has a lot of gluten free options. They had gluten free onion rings which was really cool. We ordered "frings," french fries and onion rings. They were really good. We ended up ordering a second order.

Trey ordered the special. It was called the "Big Rig," and it was chicken fried seitan with scrambled tofu and home fries. He said it was really good. It's not gluten free though.

The three older kids ordered the kid's taco meal - a tempeh taco, rice and beans. I tasted Olivia's and it was okay. I ordered the chilequitos. It was pretty good. I'd love to give them a great review, but I'll have to go back again. The food was good, but I'm used to their food being AWESOME! Unfortunately, what I normally get has gluten in it. I've never tasted anything there that I didn't like though. I was disappointed in their scrambled tofu. I swear they changed it. Maybe we just caught the on a bad day because it wasn't as good as it used to be.

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Robin said...

I don't think it's quite as good as it used to be, either. Plus the acoustics (or lack thereof) make me insane! And I'd swear it's more expensive than it used to be, too.

But I will try City O City. I like the old space better anyway. Less yuppified. :)