Monday, June 9, 2008

fruit kabobs

After a long day yesterday, we had a light dinner and lots of desert! LOL. We had a salad with tofu, guacamole, and tortilla chips for dinner.

For desert, we made fruit kabobs with some melted chocolate on them. Then we had Whole Foods 365 Brand vanilla soy cream with chocolate and Soyatoo "whipped cream." The soy cream wasn't too bad. We tried to get Tofutti, but the Whole Foods we were at didn't have it. It's really the only soy ice cream that is good. It's fabulous. When I've bought ice cream, I bought the good stuff - the creamy stuff. The cheap stuff just isn't very good, and I don't buy it. The soy cream reminded me of that stuff. It was better than Soy Dream or Soy Delicious, but it just didn't come close to Tofutti. I don't even know why stores sell the other kinds. Tofutti is the best! It was a fun desert though.

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