Monday, July 16, 2012

Vegan Caesar Salad

My lovely friend Robin happens to also have the cookbook Veganomicon. So, one day while I was lounging in her kitchen watching her clean (Hey, I offered to help.), she was pointing out recipes that she'd tried that she thought I would like. I was telling her about a scrumptious vegan Caesar salad that I'd gotten from the Vegan Van when it had been on the Auraria campus, and she told me that Veganomicon had a great recipe for Caesar salad. I pulled out my copy and and tried the recipe and it was FABULOUS! I've made it a couple of times already. I have a feeling it'll be my go-to recipe for my sack school lunches. Now, I was in a hurry the first time I made it, so I didn't actually follow the instructions very well. Oops. I liked the result so well that I am always going to make it that way though. I did not make the croutons. For the dressing, I just threw everything in the Blend-Tec and blended to my heart's content (Afterward I read how the almonds were supposed to just be pulsed and then mixed in with the dressing. Whatever! I like it blended!). I also left out the salt. I did not chill the dressing either - I was way too impatient for that. I just chopped up two heads of romaine lettuce, put some dressing on it, and mixed it up! There is enough dressing for a salad of about 15 people - just so you know! Worked out great for me because I buy the huge bags of romaine from Costco, and I ate the salad happily for three days. I put ground salt and nooch on top of the salad (I thought the nooch sent the delicious salad completely over the top in delectableness!) and served sliced pepperoncini with it. I don't know if pepperoncini are normally served with Caesar salad, but they were wonderful with it. This recipe got a definite thumbs up from me and my husband (My oldest daughter thought it was awesome, too. The other kids ate it, but they were quite as thrilled as we were.). I will be recommending this recipe and making it a lot. Try it - it's delicious!

Here is a picture from one of my salad lunches with some hummus, falafel, and John's Tahini Dressing (from May All Be Fed).
Here is the first time we had it with a fruit salad. So good!