Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally, a healthy meal

With Trey being laid off and me doing various temp work, dinner has been, well, not blog-worthy for sure. We haven't been eating gluten free, and I am getting us back to it. I guess my new goal is to figure out how to eat gluten free cheaply! My kiddos are bouncing off the walls, and I'm thinking duct taping them to their chairs isn't such a bad idea. LOL. So, tonight, I actually cooked a healthy, gluten free meal. I made BBQ tofu (just drained, pressed, cut tofu baked with BBQ sauce), mashed potatoes, Marilu Henner's soba noodles, and a green (very green - lettuce, green peppers, green onions, avocado, and tomatoes) salad. It was so nice to have us all sit down to a healthy, home cooked meal together again.