Friday, June 6, 2008

Easy Peasy Meal for Kids

My friend's Carrie's girls came over today for a few hours. She told me about this dish that she makes that her girls like that our friend Heather told her about. I thought, well, sounds like something my kids would like, and I already know her kids like it! Sure enough, I made a pot of it, and they ate the entire thing. I remembered that it was basmati rice, tofu, and veggies. I couldn't remember the other thing. So, I sauteed some tofu with Bragg, cooked the basmati rice, and defrosted some frozen peas, green beans, and corn, and mixed them together with a little olive oil, and "chicken" broth powder. Didn't know it would be so easy to please 7 kids. The ingredient she told me that I forgot was butter. I think next time I would add just a little more olive oil, but no butter. I gave them grapes and gluten-free pretzels with it.

For dinner, I was planning on making some veggie burgers, but I forgot to put the bread in to cook, so instead I just threw something together. I cooked some more basmati rice, made some black beans with cumin, garlic, onion powder, and chile powder. I chopped up some tomatoes and lettuce to go with it. We had salsa and hot sauce and corn tortillas with it. Easy but good.

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