Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Southern Beans and Greens

Today is day 2 of PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. Today I made Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. It was pretty good. I think it would be better with a banana cut up in it and maybe some nuts. I'm going to try it again. I also made a green-ish (ran low on greens!) smoothie. Lunch was a Clif Builder Bar (peanut butter/chocolate - yum!), an orange, and a tofu spring roll with peanut sauce.

For dinner, we had leftover of the Hoppin' John Salad, which after eating twice, I have decided I don't like. We also had hummus/salsa and tortilla chips and Southern Beans and Greens. I put garbanzo beans in the slow cooker today (with kelp). Tonight I made the recipe with those beans with a cup of the cooking water with some veggie broth powder. Oh my goodness! It was fantastic! I did not put in Tabasco sauce because it is gross, but I did put Cholula on it. It was so delicious! I will be making a pot of this to portion out to take to school with me. I had seconds. I highly recommend this recipe. Next time I will also put in more greens than I did tonight. I didn't measure; I just used the bunch of kale that I bought at Whole Foods. I forgot to take a picture of my plate, so here's a picture of leftovers in the pot. :)

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