Monday, December 8, 2008

Stir fried ginger-sesame tofu

Tonight I made a version of Pan Fried Ginger Sesame Tofu from vegweb. I changed it up a bit. It was good. Everyone ate it, and I heard no complaints. I want to change it a bit more. I think I would reduce the sweetener, add more Bragg and garlic, and add a thickener, and maybe a little more heat to the sauce. In addition to the tofu and green onions, I added broccoli. Next time I think I'll add carrots and maybe peppers, too, and probably bamboo shoots. Dinner was a success though - everything got eaten, and I got thumbs up all around. Here is the original recipe on vegweb: Pan Fried Ginger Sesame Tofu. Thanks to LizzyQ and The Vegan Mother's Blog for turning me on to the recipe! Here's the changes I made to the recipe.

First, I didn't have cornstarch, so I dredged the tofu in potato starch. It worked okay, but it got a little gooey at first. The end product was good though. I used agave for the sweetener, Bragg instead of tamari, 4 cloves of garlic instead of two, and chili oil instead of pepper flakes. I served it all over steamed brown rice. Stay tuned for my revised revised version coming soon!

Our family loves Clementine season! These oranges are sweet and cute, and they never last long in our house!

Here's the kids' bentos from today. First is the preschool bento. It included snap pea crisps, two Pamela's gluten free chocolate chip mini cookies, skewers (or as Livi alls them - shish kabobs) of tomatoes, soy cheese, and mini dill pickles, "ants on a log" with almond butter, and grapes.

Here's the older kids' bentos. They also had each had a thermos of "vegetarian penicillin." The bentos had "ants on a log" with peanut butter, two mini cookies, mandarin oranges, and snap pea crisps.


veganf said...

Your plating for the stirfry is so cute. Love those kid-drawn plates!

Misty said...

That's our standard dinnerware! We have plates ever year sice 2001. LLL does them as a fundraiser every year, and the kids totally look forward to doing them.