Friday, December 12, 2008

Marilu Henner's Healthful Cold Spicy Soba Noodles

I found this recipe in one of those free magazines at the health food store. Who knew Marilu Henner was such a health nut? This recipe is super easy and really good. It's become a frequent addition to our dinner table!

Today I went shopping at Costco. I love Costco! Here's why:

Look at all the yummy looking fruits and veggies! It's almost affordable to feed a growing family of six healthfully with a Costco nearby. Today I got a huge hand of bananas, 10 pounds of organic carrots (we're making juice and sun burgers this weekend!), cubed butternut squash (yea, yea, I know - lazy. Hey, I'm pregnant and I have four kids - it's called healthy convenience! LOL.), avocados, dates, cucumbers, red peppers, kiwi, romaine, pesticide free tomatoes, a big box of oranges, grapes, organic spinach, and organic apples. I always hear people say how expensive it is to shop at Costco - not true! If you stay away from the supersize Ghiradelli brownies, the 12-pack of Heath bars, and all the other junk and crap, it's easy to shop healthfully on a budget. I love it that I had buy the big two-pack of organic tofu for like $3 - how cool is that? I also got salsa, maple syrup, and artichoke hearts. Costco is one of my favorite stores.


veganf said...

That's actually some expensive tofu! Even at Whole Paycheck here 2 organic packs of tofu would cost $2.38, and and Trader Joe's it would only be $1.98! I'll have to see if our local BJ's carries organic tofu--I haven't been there in a while; they were starting to get a lot of organic veggies which is great for winter months when local produce can't fill our fridge entirely.

Misty said...

38 ounces of organic tofu for less than $3 is expensive? Wow. You guys have cheap tofu. I can't even get 28 ounces of organic tofu at Safeway for less than $4. Let's not even talk about Whole Paycheck prices! LOL.