Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bentos, muffins, and scratch pancakes

First, the bentos! This first one is Olivia's bento from today. Isn't her Peter Rabbit bento set adorable? It's perfect for her, too. Today I made her skewers of tomatoes, pickles, and soy cheese, ants on a log with almond butter, Glutino pretzels, snap pea crisps, gf mini cookes and gf animal cookies.

These bentos are the ones I made tonight for the kids' lunches tomorrow. The bottom tier has Glutino pretzels, dried blueberries, Pamela's cookies, and snap pea crisps. The top tier has "Heather's pasta salad," which includes pasta (gluten free Mrs. Leeper's vegetable spirals), a mayo-ish dressing, vinegar, organic no-salt seasoning, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, and seasoned tofu.

These muffins I saw at King Soopers, and I thought we'd give them a try. They are gluten free and dairy free. They were okay - a little gritty. I probably won't buy them again. They're not really healthy, and I prefer my homemade gf muffins.

Finally, I made scratch, gluten-free pancakes tonight for the first time! I liked them a lot. They're a bit thin, but they taste great. I got the recipe from my friend Sarah, and I have asked her for permission to post the recipe. For now, here's a picture of them - okay, the last two anyway. I forgot to take a picture when I had a whole plate full! They got eaten pretty quickly.

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