Tuesday, April 22, 2008

daughter's bento bit the dust

Well, my daughter's bento is toast thanks to a super powered dish washer. She was pretty bummed, so I'm going to have to order her another one. She used mine this morning. Thanks to a super busy morning, I didn't get pictures. This morning I packed the kids a cheese round (soy cheese for my son), a pickle, a chocolate kiss, some Flat Earth chips, soy nuts, dried blueberries, apple sauce, mandarin oranges, Sharkies, and a smoothie or a juice. It was not the greatest lunch ever, but we overslept a bit, and I forgot to make their lunches last night. Oops.

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veganf said...

Bummer! I've had similar problems recently with our new dishwasher putting things on the bottom rack. Maybe it's time to order something from the new IchibanKan online store.