Friday, April 25, 2008

injera batter

I finally made injera batter. I have to let it sit for a couple of days now. I'm anxious to try it. I talked to a lady from Ethiopia on Wednesday. She told me that most injera at Ethiopian restaurants is made from a mixture of teff and wheat flour - bummer. She also told me that there is an Ethiopian market just down the road from me, so I am anxious to go there and see what they have. She said that they make authentic injera, so if mine doesn't turn out well, I guess I can buy some there! I am going to buy some yellow split peas today, so that I can make split pea stew with yellow split peas. One thing I am going to miss about this area when we move is all the cool markets that are very near here. I need to go to the Asian market today to buy some sushi rice. I can buy a 20 pound bag of organic sushi rice there. That market is walking distance from my house, and across the street is the European market. There are tons of cool places in this neighborhood.

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