Monday, April 21, 2008

So, I'm making up for nearly five months of no posts all in one day! I got a fabulous cookbook from my darling husband for Christmas called Veganomicon. Many of the recipes in the book are gluten free, and of course, they're all vegan. They have a gluten free symbol on the gluten free recipes which is handy. I have noticed that some of the recipes that are gluten free aren't marked though, so I don't exclusively use the symbol. One of our favorite recipes in the book is the Lemony Roasted Potatoes. We refer to them as "potato crack" or "potato heroine." LOL. They're good! The cooking time in the recipe is way off, and I play with the ingredients a bit, but I do that a lot. Tonight I made "potato heroine," and I made Kik Alicha which is an Ethiopian split pea stew. It's traditionally made with split yellow peas and served on injera. Well, I only had split green peas, so I used them. It still tasted good. I didn't have time to make the injera because the dough needs to sit and ferment for a couple of days. I'm going to mix some up tonight and make an Ethiopian meal either Wednesday or Thursday night.

Looking to cuisine of other cultures is very useful when cooking gluten free. Plus, I think it's really fun since I am a certified foodie who has a passion for cooking.

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