Thursday, April 24, 2008

I made a big batch of oat-walnut patties tonight. I made 24 meatball sized ones and put them in the freezer. My son loves them. My youngest daughter likes them, too, but my oldest won't eat them! It's very frustrating. She used to eat them, but she has decided that she doesn't like them. I put them in the freezer in individual bags - three to a bag, so all I have to do is pull a baggie out the night before to defrost.

We had a yummy gluten free/dairy free dinner tonight. I've posted a picture of it. It was oat-walnut patties and steamed broccoli with pimiento-cashew "cheese," a creamy, vegan, squash-sun dried tomato risotto, and tomato wedges. The risotto was an experiment. It turned out pretty good for a first try. I need to play with the ingredients a little. I cooked the risotto with acorn squash, sun dried tomatoes, and a pine nut cream. It was good, but it was a little bland, so I need to play with the spices some. Also, I think I would add more sun dried tomatoes next time. Overall, it was a good experiment. I made gluten free chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

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