Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mary's Gone Crackers

Well, I have to say, this gluten free thing can be a real pain in the butt! I bought some powdered probiotics, and when I got home and read the label closer, I found out one of the ingredients was barley grass. I searched the Internet, and apparently barley grass doesn't contain gluten like barley does, so that is good.

We tried Mary's Gone Crackers brand gluten free crackers, and they were so gross. We threw the box away we were eating, and I'm giving the other box I bought away.

We had a hit this morning though. We tried Lifestream, gluten free, buckwheat, wildberry, frozen waffles. They were really good. Dh even liked them, and he tends to get a little pissy with gluten free stuff. They kids loved them, too, even the baby. They are also vegan. We try not to rely on a lot of processed food, but it will be nice to have a box of these in the freezer for those morning when we're running late! Plus, I have not even begun to come close to mastering making gf waffles, and my family loves waffles. It's nice to have this option.

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