Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outside the Breadbox

There is a gluten free bakery in Colorado Springs called Outside the Breadbox. They make several kinds of crackers, pies, pizza crusts, breads, and graham crackers. They're graham crackers are fabulous! They are larger and denser than regular graham crackers, but they taste really good. I sent a package to my mom and dad in Arkansas, and they love them, too. We've also tried the pizza crusts. They're about the size of personal pizzas. They're okay - very chewy. We tried the garfava bread, and I could do without it. It wasn't bad. Toasted with a little margarine it was okay. It reminded me of crumbly, white bread. Basically, it was a waste. There really wasn't any nutritional value to it, and it wasn't that good. The graham crackers are great though!

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