Tuesday, October 23, 2007

school lunches

I've been inspired by the vegan lunchbox blog. We are starting to get the gluten free thing down at home. Where I am struggling is with my children's lunches. My challenge now is to come up with interesting and healthy dairy free, gluten free, artificial color and flavor free, vegetarian lunches which also has to be peanut free for my oldest son and youngest daughter due to other children's allergies at their school. My oldest daughter has access to a microwave for lunch, but she doesn't have refrigeration for her lunchbox. My other two children who are in school have their lunches refrigerated, but do not have access to a microwave - they're too young to use it on their own anyway. I have solved the refrigeration issue with my oldest daughter by freezing small water bottles and putting them in her lunchbox. Unfortunately, that makes it so there is not a lot of room.

I am making oatmeal/walnut patties today. My son LOVES them, and he practically begs for me to put them in his lunch when I've made them. He likes them cold, so that is helpful! My oldest daughter doesn't like them though. I bought her this handy salad contraption. It has a place for the salad and a place for the dressing, and all you have to do is push the button for the salad dressing to pour onto the salad. She loves salad. I'm spending today brain storming about lunches. My kids love baked, crispy tofu sticks with dipping sauce. I'm going to make some tonight and see how they are as cold leftovers. Everytime I've ever made them, there have been no leftovers! I have a recipe for satay sauce made with tahini which I am also going to try.

My kids have been getting a lot of the same thing in their lunches, and I know they are getting bored. They tend to get a lot of fruit cups, applesauce, and Whole Soy yogurt. I want to make their lunches interesting.

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