Sunday, April 15, 2007

We tried a couple of new gluten free mixes. We made the pizza crust from Deby's bakery, and it was pretty good. I think I would let it bake a couple of extra minutes next time, but everyone liked it. You do have to plan ahead a little for it though because you have to mix it, then let it rise, then spread it, then let it rise, then bake it, THEN put all the toppings on and bake it again. It was pretty good though. I also made a chocolate cake from Bob's Red Mill that was really good and quite easy to make. You really couldn't tell that it was gluten free. I made a simple sugar frosting for it, and we really enjoyed it. Last night, I was really tired from cleaning carpets, so we had a simple dinner. We had a garden salad with romaine, dried cherries, tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, Baco's, and dressing; fried tofu with some wheat free soy sauce, canned pineapple, corn tortillas with salsa, and potato chips. Sort of a weird dinner, I suppose, but it was tasty and everyone ate! We also made a commitment to start walking/running as a family. My husband and I have noticed that our older two kids are fast runners (especially our son), so we thought we'd start having our daily exercise together as a family. We just walked last night. Dh carried our youngest son in his Mai Tei, and I carried our youngest daughter on my back in my Bei Bei. We had a good walk. Also, I am going to start reading my other gluten free book that I bought. I can't remember the name of it right now. I am going to send my mom my other book called Going Against the Grain. It's an okay book. She has a lot of good information about different medical tests in it that would be good for someone who was going the medical route. Her information about gluten grains is very good, but the rest of her nutritional information isn't very good at all. There tend to be two schools of thought when it comes to how our ancestors ate. One school is that they ate tons of meat and supplemented it with the fruits and veggies that they gathered. The other is just the opposite. I very much believe the latter mostly due to all the nutritional research that I've done. When you read her book, you get the feeling that she believes humans existed on incredible amounts of meat and should eat almost that much now. The amount of meat would make even the most die hard Atkins followers sick to their stomaches. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend the book, but if someone wanted to read it - I would definitely say to read it very skeptically. The info on grains is good, the rest is crap.

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