Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We tried Bob's Red Mill gf bread machine mix and it wasn't too bad. The kids and even my husband liked it. The mixture was way too wet and turned out kind of heavy, so I'll have to watch that next time since I couldn't add flour to it! I made an Indian dish last night with rice. I had a jarred dopiaza sauce and I cooked potatoes and carrots, added garbanzos and the sauce. Apparently it was pretty good. I went to a knitting class and my husband left it out on the stove all night, so I had cereal for lunch. Grrrrrrr. That was supposed to be our lunch today, too. Oh well. Tonight we are trying another gluten free pizza crust. We tried Namaste's before, but it was pretty gross. This one is from a local gluten free bakery called Deby's. Hopefully it'll be better.

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