Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have to say that being a gluten-free vegetarian seems to set one apart! A lot of the mainstream books that focus on being gluten-free, also focus a lot on meat eating. The first book about celiac and gluten sensitivity that I read was insane about it. I swear, this woman thought our ancestors ate a diet that consisted of about 75% meat! You'd think we were more like lions and tigers than apes biologically. Oh well. Thanks to Vegetarian Times, I found a website community dedicated to gluten free vegetarians! Woo hoo. Vegetarian Times is a great magazine, and over the past couple of years, they seem to have gotten pretty in tune to the growing gluten-free vegetarian community as well. Many of their recipes are naturally gluten-free. Unfortunately, the first article and recipes that I saw dedicated to gluten-free were pretty nasty. I think they tried a little too hard, but it was a step! I think they even mark their recipes gluten-free now. Although, I usually don't pay much attention to the gf markings on recipes. There is still too much confusion that they are often wrong. I just read for myself. Anyway, it was nice to find a gf vegetarian community. There are several different message boards. They're a bit quiet, but I'm sure as more and more people find out about it, it will become much busier. Check them out: Vegiac.

I tried a new recipe (sort of) that I found in VegNews. It was for a creamy cashew dip. It was so yummy! I changed it a bit, but because I only had so much of certain ingredients, I didn't measure anything - I just threw them in! I am going to make it again, measure the ingredients, and then post a recipe. It was so fabulous. The kids loved it, and so did I! I also made quick tacos. I used a soyrizo that is gf and super yummy. We were in a hurry, so this was just a quick meal to throw together. The kids ate every bit of it though. I think the older kids had 5-6 tacos a piece. You'd think they were filling up a hollow leg. LOL.

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