Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots of things!

This post will be kind of disjointed, but I have a lot of things to put on it! This first product is a salad dressing that my kids love. They like to dip veggies in it. It's dairy free, and as far as I can tell, gluten free as well.

This was our celebratory desert tonight! :-) My husband got a job, so we decided to splurge, and get Tofutti ice cream bars. I do believe I have raved about Tofutti products on here before, but they are the best commercial vegan deserts ever! The sparkling cider has been in the fridge since New Year's Eve when we were all too sick to drink it. We figured it was time to break it out.

After my husband was laid off, I slashed out budget which included our food budget. Well, the way I know how to eat cheaply is by eating pasta, homemade bread, homemade muffins, etc. I figured - a few weeks wouldn't kill us. Holy cow! If I had any doubts about how gluten affected my children, I don't now! They may be able to handle small amounts, but the overload sent their systems into meltdown mode. I think I'm still shell shocked from it all. LOL. Anyway, it wasn't worth it. My new goal is to find ways to eat gluten free cheaply. I know there are many people in the same boat, so I'll be blogging about it from time to time. Tonight I made roasted potatoes which are so delicious, cheap, and gluten free! Peel and chop up a bunch of potatoes (remember - family of 6 - so we chop up A LOT!). Then, throw them in a big ziploc bag with oil and spices - shake - throw them in the oven at 400 for about 40 minutes - and prepare to partake in the yumminess. I used a packet of onion dip mix last night. This dip is more expensive than the regular grocery store brands, but it doesn't have all the crap that they have either - plus, as far as I can tell it's gluten free. Even with it being more expensive, it's still a cheap meal. You can use other spices as well - another favorite of ours is to use a garlic/lemon mix that I have in a big container.

These crackers are another product that we enjoy. The smokehouse flavor are gluten free and vegan. They are really good. The best ones are the ranch flavor, but they do contain dairy unfortunately.

Last but not least - a picture of our lunch. It was kind of a weird combo, but everyone chowed down! I made a peanut butter smoothie (dates, soymilk, vanilla, peanut butter, and ice) which the kids love! I also made some rice and beans, chopped up some fresh tomatoes, and put out salsa to eat with corn tortillas. With that, I made the green/citrus salad that I made the other night (I forgot to put on the almonds, darn it). Like I said, weird combo - but it all disappeared!


veganf said...

I love those rice/almond crackers. The smokehouse flavour rules with some scallion hummus!
Did you roast the potatoes with the french onion soup/dip mix? I've used it before, but never for what they recommend, LOL.

Misty said...

Yea - I didn't get the commentary published last night because my stupid computer kept freaking out! I got frustrated and put it away until this morning. :-) So, the post was just random pictures until this morning - oops.