Monday, May 12, 2008

octo-dog bento

I finally tried out my new cookie cutters this morning. I spelled Ray's name with white and yellow soy cheese. Ray thought it was pretty cool! Ray's lunch this morning included: two octo-dogs, a vile of ketchup, an olive, veggie booty, a strawberry tomato, two baby cut carrots, dried blueberries, Sharkies, a juice, Fritos, soy cheese cut into "RAY," and grapes.

On a sad note, one of the plates that Beth Ann made busted and had to be thrown away. This is the second one to break, and it's always so sad when it happens. She made this one just a few months after Louis was born. I got a picture of this one, so we could remember it! It was so cute.

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veganf said...

I always take photos of the kids plates that break too! So sad.