Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blackberry pie

While we were in Arkansas, the wild blackberries were ripe! Yum. The kidlets and I picked about six cups worth and I made a pie. My mom had a Gluten Free Pantry pie crust mix, and I used it. It was really a pain. I couldn't get it rolled out and then off the wrap like it says to do, so I ended up just putting it in the pie plate and using my fingers to spread it out. It worked pretty well. Then my mom and I made small rounds that we flattened out and put on the top.


The pie crust was pretty darn good. If was very flaky, but a lot of pie crusts are flaky like that. It had ten tablespoons of margarine and ten tablespoons of vegetable shortening, so I'd like to find a healthier alternative, but it tasted good!

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