Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 2 - gluten free

Okay - two posts in a row. Woo hoo. Well, I made it another day of gluten free/dairy free. I had Whole Soy yogurt and a Raw Revolution bar; leftover summer rolls and peanut sauce and a tangelo for lunch; mashed potatoes, chard, stewed tomatoes and a huge salad for supper. I also had a bunch of cashews for a snack. I got rid of the rest of my gluten products today. I gave them to a friend. Blech - I really don't want to step on a scale. When my husband gets back from California I am going back to the pool to swim laps. The snow has FINALLY melted off our street so I can get the bike out, too. We got the tandem hooked up so one of the kiddos can ride with me. Time to get some darn exercise!

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