Friday, December 1, 2006

Well, I forgot that today was CiCi's day! Once a month, my son's preschool has a fundraiser night at CiCi's Pizza. They really look forward to it all month long, so I couldn't really say no. I did GREAT though - I'm very happy. I ate mainly salad - a huge salad of romaine lettuce, carrots, pepperoncini, cucumbers, mushrooms, peas, a few croutons for crunch, and low-fat Italian dressing. All in all CiCi's night wasn't the healthiest dinner, but it was WAY healthier than when I've eaten there in the past. I got 63 minutes of exercise in, too, which feels really good. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Ugh. Oh well, I might as well take body measurements, too.

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